Let us print your name tags for you!

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How's this for easy? Send us a list of your attendees and we can:

  • • Print your logo on inserts in vivid Full-Color Hi-Def
  • • Print names & other information and alphabetize inserts
  • • Send ready-to-stuff printed inserts, trimmed or on sheets
  • • Stuff inserts into holders, categorize name tags, organize in secure, protective trays and ship them directly to your event

Be assured: we have made millions of name tags. You can trust us to make yours! Just click below to learn more or request a quote.

Why Namebadges to Go® is a great value

Here's an example of what it costs to make your name tags with inserts and holders that you buy from us, compared to having us make your name tags for you:

Costs of 200 4" x 3" name tags made with our Classic Paper Name Tag Insert (N6LPPW) and Preferred Vinyl Name Tag Holder with Clip (HVCLG)


Average cost of insert & holder, repeat set-up, printing, tearing and stuffing:

$1.24/name tag*

Namebadges to Go®

Average cost of insert & holder, repeat set-up, printing,
tearing and stuffing:

$1.56/name tag

One advantage of Namebadges to Go® is that you can order the exact number of components you need instead of our listed quantities—some of which you may never use. And we can keep our costs low thanks to our high-tech equipment, economies of scale and skilled name tag assemblers.

So for just 32¢ more per name tag, you save hours of assembly time that you can now spend planning a better meeting!

Just Request an online quote or give us a call at 888.362.8759!

*Labor Rate $25/hour *Life of your printer 5 years
*Printer's page-per-minute rate 75% of manufacturer's maximum rate *Experience with printing templates Intermediate
*Time spent setting up mail-merge and artwork 1.5 hours *Time for separating inserts, stuffing them in holders, organizing name tags 100 tags per hour

We can do all this for you—and more!

See below for just a sample of the services we can provide.

1. Print your logos on name tag inserts

A giant step up from your office printer. Our Full-Color Hi-Def printing offers crisp and vivid detail at a great value.

2. Personalize and alphabetize your inserts

Just send us a list of your attendees' names and we'll take it from there. See the tab above labeled "How do I order Namebadges to Go" for more details.

3. Stuff your inserts into holders

So you save time—and your cuticles.

4. Organize your name tags in protective cases and ship them directly to your event

Trust us: our OneWay Plus™ Name Tag Case was designed especially to secure your name tags in transit and on your registration table.

5. Print and personalize Full-Color Event Badges

Made of durable plastic, our badge with vivid, Full-Color Hi-Def printing stands out in a crowd. Personalization is included in the price, and you can add a photo, logo or bar code.

6. Print and personalize your ID Badges

For better security, we print hard-to-duplicate CR80 cards in sharp full-color, adding personalization and photos.

7. Print and personalize your nametents

Simplify seating arrangements beautifully. We print logos in one or two colors, or in Full-Color Hi-Def.

8. Print all your event signs in just 3 days

Full-Color Hi-Def printing makes signs come alive, too! We can easily update your sign's text for each day of your event.

9. Help you design custom certificates and print them for you

Our graphic artists offer their assistance in creating a one-of-a-kind award. Add logos, photos, names, signatures and more.

10. Do just about anything you want!

We can print credentials and stuff them into vertical holders with lanyards attached. Put agendas, inserts and pens into pouches. Place registration material in envelopes. Need help with another task? Just ask!

Just Request an online quote or give us a call at 888.362.8759!

"How do I get started with Namebadges to Go®?"

It's easy. Just follow the steps below to get started. We will guide you through the process every step of the way and guarantee your Namebadges to Go® order is handled, saving you time.

Step 1: Pick your products.

Not just badges but way beyond. See #10 in the "10 timesaving services" tab above. We can help with the assembly, stuffing or collating of any pc/nametag® products you select here at www.pcnametag.com or from our catalog. Need help deciding what products are best for you? Give us a call at 888.362.8759. We're here to help!

Step 2: Choose from our standard template or design your own.

If you're looking to simplify the design process and save money, use our Standard 4" x 3" Template and pay no setup fee. Or, we can work with your own custom design.

Regardless of which design option you choose, we also recommend that you select how you would like to address long names (attendee names, company names or titles). Our Dealing with Long Names guide provides three options to choose from.

Step 3: Get a quote.

Just Request an online quote or give us a call at 888.362.8759!

Step 4: Email us a spreadsheet with your attendee data.

Put your list in a pre-formatted Excel® file that you can download here. Then watch this video to see the most efficient way to provide us with your information.

Download our Excel spreadsheet

The reviews are in:

Don't take our word for it. See what your fellow meeting planners are saying about our Namebadges to Go® professional service.

Indyblakester from Indianapolis, IN

Makes life so much easier

"Love this service...send in the excel spread sheet and show up at your meeting. Done!"

Renee33 from Detroit, MI

I will never do my own name tags again!

"I can't imagine how much time I would have spend doing the 700 name badges on my own. My final wow is that I ordered and received logo namebadges and was sent a Word document so I could make badges for my last-minute changes and have them blend perfectly."


Made my life a lot easier

"Using the Namebadges To Go service made the week preceding our last big event so much simpler. No paper cuts, no shooing people with tea mugs away from our badge stuffing work space, and most importantly, no wrestling with uncooperative printers. I got to focus on more important things instead. What a gift!"

Teacher52 from Fair Lawn, NJ

Definitely worth the money

"Having the tags pre-printed was very professional looking and made registration go so smoothly."

DCEventGirl from Washington, DC

Great timesaver!

"We used the name badge publishing service for the first time and it was great! It saved us so much time onsite. No stuffing, alphabetizing, etc. They shipped them directly to our event all stuffed and organized in these wonderful re-usable holders. Would definitely use again!"