You need the right type of name tag for every kind of event. (Think shoes!)

Why do you need six different types of name tags? Think about your shoes: you wear different pairs for work, nights out, long walks, etc. Same goes for name tags: one that's fine for an informal meeting won't work at a high-security event. In fact, each of our six styles of name tags is especially well suited for a certain kind of meeting. The savvy planner stocks each type in her toolkit.

So let the name tag specialists quickly guide you to the best kind of name badge for every one of your events!

Reusable Name Tags

A timeless, dressed-up classic

Best Name Tag For: Designating staff, volunteers and board members at almost any type of event. Do you hold meetings frequently? These sturdy badges are up to the challenge.

  • • Some styles let you replace inserts with different names and titles
  • • Good for high turnover
  • • Warehouse release option (for select styles) lets you take advantage of price breaks and specify names later

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Large Euro Badges – stable, double-magnetic clip for readability


Encore Badges – with clear, scratch-resistant lens cover

Full-Color Event Badges

A workhorse that makes a statement

Best Name Tag For: Making a big splash, especially with larger sizes. They're bold, contemporary and laminated to last. Thanks to full-color printing and optional bar codes and QR codes, they're also hard to duplicate: good for security.

  • • Choose from five sizes or go custom
  • • Personalization & backside printing
  • • Order badges with full-color imprints and add names on clear labels at registration

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Name Tag Pouches

Keeps pace with active attendees & gives a brand legs

Best Name Tag For: Attracting sponsors whose logos can be displayed. Pouches also allow attendees to keep their hands free during active meetings. They're "purse-substitutes" that keep keys, cell phone and other essentials close.

  • • An imprinted pouch with lots of pockets is bound to impress!
  • • Zipper option keeps belongings secure

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Color Play Name Tag Pouch – over 100 possible trim and pouch color combinations


Triple Play Name Tag Pouch – our customers' favorite pouch!

Hard Card Name Tags

Heightened security with style

Best Name Tag For: Printing I.D. cards with photos right on site. With one of our I.D. card printers you can also add a bar code, QR code, even a magnetic stripe. So CR80 cards provide great security, too!

  • • Durable plastic hard cards hold up to long meetings
  • • Also great for daily use at the workplace
  • • When security is a top-priority

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Picture ID for conferences with magnetic strip

CR80 ID Cards with Magnetic Stripe – ideal for the workplace

Hard plastic namebadges with photos and barcodes

CR80 ID Cards – best for meetings & events

Vinyl Holders & Inserts

The versatile, go-to standby

Best Name Tag For: The most versatile and popular type of name tag. There's holders for 1-day meetings or multi-day meetings, many horizontal and vertical sizes plus inserts to pair with every size holder. Offers the greatest number of accessories:

  • • Lanyards
  • stack-a-ribbon® awards & other styles of badge ribbons
  • • Attachments to suit every attendee

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FREE Name Tag Insert Templates – download templates for all our insert sizes

Fast namebadge production for meeting registration

EZ Stuff® Name Tag Holders – for faster name tag assembly

Holder-less Name Tags

A casual, budget option to keep on hand

Best Name Tag For: Short or informal meetings that will not be too taxing on name tags. You may spend most of your time and budget on annual events. Yet stock up on these for impromptu meetings that are bound to come up.

  • • Great for attendees and organizations that prefer "green" meetings
  • • The only name tags that can be acceptably handwritten
  • • Perfect for tight budgets
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Icebreaker Name Tag Kit – includes 104 conversation-sparking tags & 2 mini Sharpie® pens


TempBadge® Holder-less Name Tags – no need for a holder: just peel, fold and attach a cord