Social Responsibility

We’re taking strides to not only “talk the talk” but to also “walk the walk.” pc/nametag® is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible. In addition to our ever-growing offering of products made from organic, recycled or reusable materials, we’re also making a corporate commitment to be greener is all facets of our business.

Alliant Energy, our local energy provider, recently awarded us with their Certificate of Environmental Excellence for participation in their Second Nature Project, a program that allows us to get 25% of our office energy from wind. This, in addition to our aggressive recycling program, building maintenance policies and more (see below), means that we take our role as a community business member very seriously.

We also make charitable giving a priority, including donating to the Nature Conservancy, local groups and non-profit organizations. We are an engaged member of the meetings industry through sponsorships and education.

Green Policy

PC/NAMETAG employees are committed to the environment. Our Green Policy is considered when making decisions about our operations and facilities. Some of our efforts include:

Building and Maintenance

  • • A water fountain with an automatic bottle-filler spigot and a digital counter showing how many bottles have been filled and kept out of landfills
  • • All HVC is controlled by time of day thermostats. We use about 50% of what a normal building of our size uses
  • • Appliances are energy efficient
  • • Computers are automatically shut down at night
  • • Computer monitors are all high efficiency LCD vs. tube type
  • • Printers are shared
  • • Most faxes are received electronically and transmitted to email rather than being printed out
  • • All windows are double-paned
  • • The building meets and exceeds all heating and insulating codes
  • • All offices, except IT, have windows for natural daylight
  • • Lights are energy efficient and each office can control the number of lights that are used for that individual
  • • Trees are planted around the building on an almost annual basis
  • • Ice thawing chemicals during snow season are environmentally safer than salt
  • • Parking lot lighting is energy efficient
  • • Conifer trees are placed on the north side of the building to reduce heating costs due to wind
  • • Deciduous trees are on the south side of the building to reduce heat from the sun during summer months
  • • All bathrooms use water conserving toilet fixtures


  • • All corrugated inbound boxes are saved and sent to a recycler
  • • All shipments are put in the smallest box possible
  • • Forklifts and pallet movers are either electric or manual
  • • Warehouse doors are energy efficient and configured for different sized vehicles
  • • Zip code technology reduces mis-sent packages when faulty addresses are given


  • • All paper is recycled
  • • All beverage and food containers are glass or ceramic and are reused
  • • All meals are served on reusable plates and with reusable silver
  • • Cloth towels are available to reduce the use of paper in the kitchen
  • • Art to and from our clients and vendors is transmitted electronically saving gas, paper and discs
  • • Daily reports are all done electronically vs. paper
  • • When acceptable, we transmit invoices by email rather than via paper
  • • Our mailing list is updated by the USPS for change of addresses prior to any mailing of our catalog
  • • Name drops and change of addresses are recorded as soon as received
  • • Customer service reps always try to update addresses and current personnel at customer’s location
  • • We encourage recipients of our catalog to “recycle please”
  • • Any mailing list is merged and purged with other lists to eliminate duplication
  • • People who are on our mailing list are dropped after a specific period of inactivity
  • • Products that do not sell well are removed from the catalog as soon as possible to enable us to reduce page expansion
  • • Paper used for catalog has high scrap content
  • • Eco-friendly inks are used whenever possible
  • • Laser cartridges are sent in for recycling
  • • Old computers and monitors are sent in for recycling
  • • Old cell phones are donated to various organizations

Charitable Giving

  • • Money is donated each year to the Nature Conservancy and/or Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin