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Curated Gift Box Case Study | Hendricks Commercial Properties

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How to Delight Customers with Custom Appreciation Gift Boxes

Hendricks Commercial Properties Case Study

Client Name:

Hendricks Commercial Properties


Property Name:

Phoenix Apartments

Organization Overview:

Located in Beloit, Wisconsin’s thriving downtown district, Hendricks Commercial Properties’ Phoenix Apartments provide an upscale, comfortable, and convenient setting in which residents can live, work, socialize and thrive. This luxurious property is home to around 60 residents and features 27 units.

Challenges To Overcome

According to Shea-Conkle, resident engagement is a top priority at the Phoenix Apartments. The organization has hosted cookouts, catered meals, bocce ball tournaments, golf simulations and other activities in the past to help tenants gather, socialize, and have fun.


“Our building does not have a community room, so we’ve gotten creative with helping tenants feel welcome and connected,” Shea-Conkle says.


To express appreciation to new tenants, Shea-Conkle says the organization supplies welcome packages as a housewarming gesture. While the original gift boxes did the job, she says it was time they received an upgrade.


“Our old welcome boxes felt a bit outdated,” Shea-Conkle says. “We want to set ourselves apart, so we knew it was time to give the boxes a fresh, on-brand look with items that tenants could start using right away.”



An apartment at Phoenix Apartments with quote from Ann Shea-ConkleAn apartment at Phoenix Apartments with quote from Ann Shea-Conkle

Saving Valuable Time and Money

Before working with pc/nametag, Shea-Conkle says her team used to go shopping at a variety of stores to find items that could be put into gift boxes. Not only were the items mismatched, but the boxes also had to be assembled by hand.


We were spending multiple hours shopping, thousands of dollars on items and constantly getting low on gifts to give away,” Shea-Conkle says. “Letting a company take care of the work for us was going to be a game changer. We knew this would be a more efficient use of our team’s time than having to handpick items for each box.”



Gift Box goals - eliminate shopping need, regain valuable time, give fresh look to gift boxes, explore new strategies for engagementGift Box goals - eliminate shopping need, regain valuable time, give fresh look to gift boxes, explore new strategies for engagement

Turnkey Ordering Process


Shea-Conkle says she began researching companies that could help her source and assemble the items for her gift boxes. She says pc/nametag first came to her attention through a fellow friend and employee of the company.


“I was told that pc/nametag was a customer-oriented company that works with you to bring your vision to life,” Shea-Conkle says. “I was looking for a company with excellent communication that also offers a variety of customization options. pc/nametag fit the bill, so I scheduled a consultation with the team.”


A member of the pc/nametag Sales team worked alongside Shea-Conkle to explore and select the perfect arrangement of products for her organization’s new-and-improved gift boxes.


“My goal was to provide those ‘wow’ items that would make the move-in experience more enjoyable,” Shea-Conkle says. “My virtual consultation was helpful because I was able to view products and brainstorm ideas with the help of the pc/nametag team.



Ann Shea-Conkle professional headshotAnn Shea-Conkle professional headshot

"Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that consistently exceeds resident expectations. We want our community to feel like a place that people can call home."


- Ann Shea-Conkle

Real Estate Manager for Phoenix Apartments

The final products chosen for the Phoenix Apartment tenant gift boxes:

  • Wireless, auto-pair earbuds

  • A wooden Bluetooth speaker with wireless charging

  • Connecticut Cottage Chicken Noodle Soup Mix

  • Montana Creekside Classic Chili Mix

  • Arizona Sunset Enchilada Soup Mix

Shea-Conkle says her pc/nametag Sales rep was an instrumental part of her buying experience. The two worked together to choose a combination of gifts that would have the greatest impact on the Phoenix Apartment’s target demographic.


I received excellent service from pc/nametag from start to finish,” Shea-Conkle says. “My Sales rep was friendly, easy to work with, consistently available and responded quickly to questions I had. She really listened to what I was looking for and even helped me think of item combinations I had not yet considered. Seeing the final product come together was exciting.”


Products from Phoenix Apartments gift boxes: wireless ear buds, bluetooth speaker, soup mixesProducts from Phoenix Apartments gift boxes: wireless ear buds, bluetooth speaker, soup mixes
Colleen holds curated gift box for Phoenix ApartmentsColleen holds curated gift box for Phoenix Apartments

Shea-Conkle's Sales rep, Colleen, poses with a finished welcome box.

The Results


Since her first purchase of 25 welcome boxes through pc/nametag, Shea-Conkle reports that several new tenants have moved into the Phoenix Apartments. She says the response to the boxes has been overwhelmingly positive.


“Several tenants have personally thanked us for the kind gesture,” Shea-Conkle says. “They said the boxes were ‘awesome,’ ‘generous’ and a ‘fun surprise’ to come home to. Some people have even said that they have never felt so welcome to a new apartment. We’re happy to hear that we’re making a great first impression with every tenant.”


Shea-Conkle says her gift recipients have especially loved the soup mixes, which were included in the boxes as a quick-and-easy food option after moving in.


“I like that the boxes we created feature items that are enjoyable year-round,” she says. “It’s also convenient to have multiple boxes on-hand as people move in.”


Hendricks Commercial Properties customer appreciation gift boxHendricks Commercial Properties customer appreciation gift box

Improving Customer Satisfaction, Retention & Engagement

Because the Phoenix Apartments are a luxury apartment choice in Beloit, Shea-Conkle says her team strives to create a great first impression with current and potential renters. She says the gift boxes have been beneficial to her team’s overall customer satisfaction and retention efforts.


“Tenants are customers,” Shea-Conkle says. “We recognize they have a choice where to live, yet they choose to live in our apartments. We want to go out of our way to show them they are appreciated. These gift boxes are a great representation of how our tenants are treated. We want them to know we care and will be there whenever they need us.”


Shea-Conkle says that the onset of COVID-19 has transformed the way her organization handles social gatherings. With in-person socials on hold for the year, she says that gift boxes are a great way to keep residents engaged from the safety of their homes.


“With a little creativity, it’s still possible to keep tenants happy and satisfied,” she says.


Satisfied client feedback: we've never felt so welcome, thank you for the kind gesture, we look forward to using our giftsSatisfied client feedback: we've never felt so welcome, thank you for the kind gesture, we look forward to using our gifts

Overall Experience

According to Shea-Conkle, one of the best ways to foster relationships with tenants is to provide excellent customer service and an enjoyable experience year-round. She encourages other real estate managers to use gift boxes in a variety of strategic ways, not just as a housewarming gesture.


The remarkable thing about gift boxes is that they can be custom-tailored to each recipient or occasion,” she says. “For example, if you have tenants who are moving in with pets, you can include pet-related items in their welcome box. You can also use gift boxes as a fun addition to summer picnics, happy hours, and other building-wide events. I like the idea of creating a ‘cookout in a box’ or including ornaments in a holiday-themed gift box. It’s all about creativity and having fun.”


Shea-Conkle says she would rate her experience with pc/nametag a 10/10, and that she would consider buying from the organization again in the future.


I would encourage other companies to work with pc/nametag,” she says. “They were a pleasure to work with. The ability to customize each product to fit our needs was not only convenient, but also a great advantage.”


Tenants of the Phoenix Apartments mingle at a community eventTenants of the Phoenix Apartments mingle at a community event

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