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Is your lanyard just hangin' out? Select one that works hard for you!

Sure, it holds your name tag. But we've set the bar higher for lanyards by making ours multi-task. Our many color choices let them categorize attendees. Sophisticated imprinting makes your logo look its best and sets the tone for your event. And selling imprint space can also be part of a sponsorship package (see below).

Why attach your name to a pc/nametag® lanyard? With over 1400 choices and prices for any budget, you're bound to find a lanyard just right for your event. All our lanyards are made of quality fabrics: soft cotton, the latest synthetics, eco options. In both plastic and metal, our durable attachments hang tough. And we're fast: in-stock lanyards ship the same day and imprinted orders go out as fast as 2 days.

Plus exclusives, no-twist and blanks. We offer 35 lanyard options with improved functionality and appearance that are not available anywhere else! An unmatched selection of no-twist lanyards that keep name tags facing forward and readable. And blank lanyards you can stock up on and use at any event (see below).

Name Tag Lanyard Frequently Asked Questions

How do I work with a sponsor to sell space on a lanyard?

Selling space on a lanyard as a revenue stream for your association or meeting is a great idea. But be aware savvy sponsors are looking for more than just the standard “name exposure” sales pitch. Most of our planners have better success selling a sponsorship package that includes the lanyard and other items that offer exposure, like event hall signage.

Cotton, nylon, polyester? What's the difference?

Each has its place. For the highest-quality printing we recommend polyester as you can use sublimated printing for full coverage and intricate detail. For vivid color nylon lanyards can’t be beat. And for soft comfort and less environmental impact cotton sets the standard. Consider the needs of your attendees and sponsor when choosing a fabric.

About printing: what do the terms "screen printing" and "sublimation" mean?

Screen Printing: A surface method in which ink is transferred to the top of the fabric for good looks and good durability at a reasonable price. If you have a T-shirt with graphics, you've seen what screen printing looks like. It's best suited for text and bold graphics, and is limited to 1-3 colors.

Sublimation: The most refined and detailed printing, sublimation heat-transfers the dye stuff (think “ink”) to the lanyard's polyester fibers. The dye bonds onto and surrounds the individual yarns for premium color that never cracks or fades. The result is a lanyard that really catches your attendees’ attention.

Can I order a blank lanyard?

Yes. We offer them in over a half dozen materials and in a variety of metal and plastic attachments. Some of our most popular lanyards offered in a blank option are: Split-Second Lanyard, Meeting Power® Pro Lanyard and Big Meeting2 Lanyard. All three blank lanyards are well suited to formal occasions and are available in more colors.

How do I decide between so many attachment options?

First step: Narrow down the selection to the ones that will work with the holder you have chosen. Need assistance? Use our Holder Attachment Guide.

Next: Let budget and durability guide you. Metal attachments work well and fit any budget, but molded-plastic hardware is lighter-weight, more user-friendly and has a higher perceived value with attendees.

Finally: Lanyards get more reuse after the event (and more exposure for your sponsor) when you order them with a functional key-ring or clip option.

What's the difference between an O-Ring and Key Ring attachment?

O-rings are bulldog-clip compatible. Key rings give you the bulldog clip compatibility and make it easier to slip on keys later. If you want long-term reuse (and the long-term sponsorship exposure that goes with it), spend a few pennies more and upgrade to the key ring.

What is a "breakaway" feature?

Two plastic pieces fitted together on a lanyard that offer quick release.

Which lanyard is best for my tight budget?

We developed our pc/nametag® Lanyard just for this purpose. The soft polyester lanyard is comfortable on attendees' necks, imprintable and affordable even in quantities as small as 100 units. And our exclusive Budget 2 Lanyards offers same-day shipping and is also available in pre-assembled combos to save both time and money.

It's a last-minute thing. Got any suggestions?

Our Split-Second Lanyards of course! They give you top-notch nylon durability and single-color printing in a hurry: Split-Second Lanyards ship in just 2 days!

Can I order a lanyard based on my logo?

Sure thing. Just e-mail the logo to [email protected] and we'll be happy to make a recommendation to you based on the logo, your budget and your needs.