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ASI #: 75598
SAGE #: 63184

How this transition is a smart move for you and your customers.

Meetings Direct® is now restructured under the pc/nametag® brand. We’ve implemented a smooth transition plan with minimum disruption to your business and look forward to a continued relationship with you.

In fact, we believe purchasing pc/nametag products and services from us can only create greater opportunity for you to grow your business. Along with our steadfast mission to offer you the right combination of meeting and event supplies that serve your customers’ needs as well as your budget, here are the other great perks you will enjoy:

  • •  Larger selection of exceptional products than ever before
  • •  Special pricing for distributors and members of ASI, PPAI, UPIC and SAGE
  • •  Early access to exclusive pc/nametag products that match industry trends
  • •  More comprehensive service offerings
  • •  Same fast production with even more products available as rush items
  • •  Plus more to come...
For answers to any questions you might have regarding the merger, check out Frequently Asked Questions below as well as download any of the documents at right for specific concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: to receive special pricing as a distributor, call a Meeting Specialist and email purchase orders to us at sales@meetingsdirect.com. Currently, if you order directly through www.pcnametag.com, no discount will be offered.

As always, we’re happy to help and appreciate your continued business! Call us at 800.216.3293,
8am-5pm CT, Mon. – Fri.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this change officially happen?

The official change is scheduled July 15, 2016. You will begin to see the pc/nametag logo on invoices, artwork proofs and email correspondence. A limited selection of products may be branded with the pc/nametag name as well.

Will Meetings Direct® go away?

Meetings Direct customers will be served by pc/nametag under a special customer category. In fact, our Meetings Direct clients will be clearly noted in our database to ensure you continue to receive discounted pricing as a distributor. We value our Meetings Direct clients and will make every effort to make this transition as smooth and beneficial as possible.

Will I still have special distributor pricing?

Members of ASI, PPAI, SAGE and UPIC will continue to receive discounted or special pricing. Customers must have a valid association membership number in order to take advantage of the special distributor discounted rates. If you are not already set up, simply provide your number at the time of order.
With this upcoming change, we are also excited to provide our distributor clients with additional product offerings at a discounted price.

Will you still blind ship my orders?

Yes. We will continue to blind ship all packaging and paperwork as we do currently. Only select products inside blind packaging may reflect pc/nametag branding.

Will you contact my customers directly and sell to them?

No. We will not actively promote or market to your customers. Only the person ordering will receive invoices and email communication.
We believe our distributor clients provide a wonderful service and should retain the discounted pricing they currently receive. If clients should happen to order separately under their own name and company they will not receive your special distributor pricing.

Will you still sell direct under pc/nametag®?

pc/nametag will continue to do business directly with customers who contact us for our products and services. Again, customers ordering directly with pc/nametag will not receive the special pricing offered to our distributor clients.

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