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On-site printers make last-minute
name tags look first class.

 On-site printers print name tags and name badges last minute

Up till now, late registrants received name tags with "last minute" written all over them. Not a great way to greet attendees. They'll be much happier with the professional name tags produced by our on-site printers.

With your laptop computer and our clear instructions, any of our on-site options will print name tags without slowing down your registration line. And they can print one name tag at a time or badges for your whole list of names.

Options. We have printers for three types of name tags: adhesive labels, reusable ID cards and paper inserts in three sizes.

Convenience. Many of our printers are ready to ship today.

Speed. Our Datamax On-Site Printer prints name tags as fast as one per second!

Peace of Mind. Every printer comes with a warranty and is backed by online information and pc/nametag® technical support.

Name Tag Printer Features, Templates and Instructions

Brother® PocketJet Printer Kit UBRO3

Brother® PocketJet Printer Kit

  • • Churns out full-page documents on-site with any Bluetooth or USB connection, FAST
  • • Direct thermal printer means low-cost use -- no ribbons, inks or toners required
  • • Prints up to ten 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of paper per minute, up to 600 sheets per battery charge
  • • Just 1.3 lbs. including its roll-up carrying case for easy stow 'n go. When unrolled, it's a paper guide
  • • Uses direct thermal fanfold sheets. Includes 1 pack of 100 sheets and also sold separately
  • Printer sold here
UBRO Brother Wireless Name Tag Label Printer QL-710W

Brother® Wireless Label Printer

  • • Built-in auto cutter saves time by eliminating the tearing of labels
  • • Easy-to-use software for label design included; free Apple and Android™ app allows you to print labels anywhere there's a WiFi signal
  • • Direct thermal printing requires no ribbon, ink or toner; use with drop-in label rolls
  • • Prints names on white labels, or for last-minute attendees, prints out clear labels for affixing to logo-only Event Badges--now every name tag looks the same!
  • Printer sold here

UBRO2 Brother Wireless Name Tag Printer Kit RJ-4040

Brother® Wireless Name Tag Printer Kit

  • • No computer or rental device needed! With built-in wi-fi, it quickly prints 4" x 3" name tags directly from your Apple mobile device; or, connect to a PC
  • • Fanfold paper stock provides a thicker, more professional name tag insert ready for a vinyl holder
  • • Prints fast – up to 5" per second – to keep registration lines moving quickly; lithium battery provides a minimum of eight hours of printing
  • • The supplies you need in one convenient kit: name tag printer, power cord, mini-USB, battery, installation disc, instructions and a free downloadable iOS app
  • • Printer is durable, lightweight (less than 2 lbs. with battery) and has a comprehensive two-year warranty
  • • 5"W x 5.5"H x 7.25"D; 1.25 lbs.
  • Printer sold here

New! Datamax Pro On-Site Name Tag Printer

Datamax On-Site Professional Printer

  • • Features a graphic display with an easy navigational menu interface
  • • Can operate with our Datamax Battery Pack for truly portable printing – computer is optional!
  • • Offers ribbon-free, direct thermal printing on pc/nametag®'s exclusive fanfold name tag stock
  • • Allows you to upload logos into pre-loaded templates for easy data entry
  • • Prints 50% faster than our Datamax On-Site Printer
  • • Includes an ethernet port for network printing and a USB host port for a stand-alone keyboard
  • • Compatible with Microsoft Word versions 2003, 2007, 2010
  • • 8"W x 7"H x 11"D, 84 oz.
  • Printer sold here

Dymo® Turbo 450 Label Printer

  • • Prints professional name tags on adhesive labels
  • • Included software lets you print labels directly from text in popular software programs and verify US addresses and ZIP+4 codes
  • • Uses ribbon-free thermal printing
  • • Also prints U.S. Postal Service®-approved postage fast with included DYMO Stamps® software
  • • 5"W x 5-1/2"H x 7-1/4"D; 1-1/4 lbs.
  • Printer sold here

UEPS Epson Color Name Tag Printer TM-C3400

Epson® Color Printer

  • • Perfect for registration tables or anywhere you need fast, color name tag printing
  • • Inkjet technology ensures crisp, easy-to-read graphics, barcodes and text
  • • Printer driver for Windows® 2000, XP, VISTA, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 R2
  • • Built-in auto-cutter lets you create different sizes of name tags from roll stock (4” wide max), eliminates tearing
  • • One-year warranty
  • • 10"W x 10"H x 10.6"D; 23.3 lbs.
  • Printer sold here

Epson Name Tag Printer Kit UEPM

Epson® Name Tag Printer Kit

  • • Exclusive kit contains Epson Color Name Tag Printer, power and micro USB cords, two ink cartridges, and pack of 100 blank 4" x 3" paper badges, plus Quick Start Guide and Templates
  • • Lightweight, portable and budget friendly, the PM-400 Name Tag Printer offers instant 4" x 3" name tags right on-site at your registration table
  • • Eliminate waste! The 4" x 3" name card stock (included and also sold separately) is precut and ready to load, instead of arriving in perforated 8 1/2" x 11" sheets
  • • Excellent option for Namebadges to Go® customers who can place logo-only 4" x 3" name tags in printer for on-site check-in, walk-in registration or badge corrections
  • • 9.75"W x 3"H x 6.75"D; 6.6 lbs. (printer only)
  • Printer sold here

Primera LX500C Color Name Badge Printer UPRIM2

Primera LX500C Color Printer

  • • Built-in auto cutter saves time by eliminating torn labels or badges
  • • Prints name tags twice as fast as the previous Primera printer model -- 8 to 10 tags per minute -- and offers better print quality
  • • This on-site badge printer utilizes the latest in inkjet technology to print high-resolution, full-color name tags on demand
  • • Four built-in print resolutions let you select the combination of print quality (up to 4800 dpi) and speed
  • • Badges can include any combination of text, graphics, photos, illustrations and bar codes
  • • We offer our exclusive Quick Start Guide and Templates as well as technical support
  • • 10.4"W x 7"H x 15"D; 7 lbs.
  • Printer sold here
pc/nametag® Thermal Nametag Printer

pc/nametag® Thermal Nametag Printer

  • • Very portable, affordable, and fast – prints one tag/5” per second!
  • • Simply connect this compact, speedy printer to your laptop with included USB cord; printer also includes Serial and Ethernet ports
  • • Use with our exclusive fanfold direct thermal paper stock (UPRINT or with UDATA)
  • • Includes a customized driver with pre-set name tag sizes, custom Nametag Design Software with instructions for printing name tags perfectly and easily
  • • PC compatible with Microsoft® Word
  • Printer Sold Here
pc/nametag® Wireless Thermal Nametag Printer

pc/nametag® Wireless Thermal Nametag Printer

  • • It's a stand-alone unit with a graphic LCD display for use with a USB keyboard or barcode scanner (No computer necessary!)
  • • Use in conjunction with our exclusive USCAN 2D Barcode Scanner for on-site scan-&-print badges
  • • Features built-in WiFi or USB connectivity
  • • Includes pc/nametag badge software with pre-formatted templates
  • • Auto cutter eliminates need for tearing, leaving a clean edge and saving time
  • • Compatible with almost all of our Direct Thermal Paper Stock
  • Printer Sold Here
Primera Trio® All-In-One Color Printer Kit UPRIMT

Primera Trio® All-In-One Color Printer Kit

  • • Full-color inkjet printer with a print resolution up to 4800 dpi, copy & scan resolution of 600x600 dpi
  • • Prints up to four 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of paper per minute
  • • At just 2.8 lbs., it's a breeze to transport and set up
  • • Uses any copy paper or 8-1/2" x 11" name tag stock
  • Printer sold here
Zebra ZC10L Full Color Badge Printer

Zebra ZC10L Full Color Badge Printer

  • • Uses 17 mil plastic cards in size 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" (sold separately)
  • • With just one pass through, you'll have finished badges with edge-to-edge full-color -- up to six credentials per minute
  • View this video to see how easy it is to turn your attendee list into complete full-color name badges on-site
  • • Exclusive Supply Kits for the ZC10L contain 400 cards with matching ribbon rolls; UZKIT, UZKIT1, UZKIT2 are sold separately
  • • PC compatible; features printer driver for Windows® 7
  • • Fits perfectly in the custom-designed foam of our Large Printer Cargo Case, FLGPR sold separately
  • Printer sold here

ZD500 Zebra Name Tag Printer

Zebra ZD500 Name Tag Printer

  • • Compatible with the CVENT OnArrival App to print name tags from your ios device making on-site badge printing a breeze!
  • • Compatible with iOS devices; for more traditional options, connects directly to a PC or laptop (not Mac compatible)
  • • The ideal badge printer for our 7.5 pt. stock – either the E-Vent 3-11/16” x 8-3/4” Universal Fanfold Stock or any direct thermal fanfold name badge inserts we sell
  • • Built-in auto cutter saves time by eliminating tearing of labels or name badges
  • • Provides clean-cut labels or name tags in a matter of seconds -- up to one 4" to 6" badge per second
  • • 6.75"W x 6"H x 8.25"D; 3 lbs.
  • Printer sold here

Name Tag Printer Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a computer to use these printers?

Most of our printers must be connected to a computer to operate, with a few exceptions: the Datamax Pro On-Site Printer (with an optional battery pack it even lets you operate it without a power cord), the Brother™ Wireless Name Tag Printer and the Brother™ Wireless Label Printer. For all our other printers, using a laptop computer makes the printer portable and lets you print on your registration table.

Do any of your printers allow me to print in color?

Yes! Our Primera Portable Color Printer, Epson Color Printer Kit and Epson Color Printer allow you to produce beautiful color name tags, while our Evolis Primacy ID Printer, Evolis Zenius ID Printer and Fargo DTC4500 ID Printer all allow you to print Full-Color, Hi-Def ID Cards.

Can I network any of the printers with multiple computers?

Yes. Just like most office printers, the Epson Ethernet Printer, Brother™ Wireless Name Tag PrinterEvolis Primacy ID Printer and Fargo DTC4500 ID Printer will print data sent from a number of different computers.

Will I need any additional software besides what is included with the printers?

Since our paper-stock name tags printers are compatible with popular text software, you should not need to buy additional software. We also provide Mail-Merge instructions for text software.

Our ID card (CR80) Printers include basic software to help you create great-looking ID cards right out of the box, or use with mail-merge as well.

Where can I find the templates to use with the Primera, Datamax and Reusable ID Card printers?

How fast do they print?

Brother Wireless Label Printer – up to 110 labels per minute
Brother™ Wireless Nametag Printer – up to one name tag per second
Datamax Pro – up to one name tag per second
Dymo® Turbo 450 – up to 71 labels per minute
Epson® Color Printer – 5-6 tags per minute
Epson Name Tag Printer Kit – up to 5 tags per minute
Evolis Primacy ID Printer – 4.5 seconds for black ink, 19 seconds for full-color
Evolis Zenius ID Printer – 7.2 seconds for black-ink, 24 seconds for full-color
Fargo DTC4500 ID Printer – 7 seconds for black-ink, 24 seconds for full-color
Primera® Color Printer - up to 8-10 tags per minute
Zebra ZD500 Name Tag Printer – up to 1 tag per second