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Neck wallets that conveniently carry all your small meeting essentials.

Room keys, cash, cell phone, raffle tickets, agenda: just some of the small items attendees need to have on them along with their name tags. A well-designed neck wallet keeps all that in one convenient place. That's why we give our neck wallets so many pockets of various sizes.

Double or Triple Logo Exposure! Our dual-imprint neck wallets, like the Triple Play Max, allow you to imprint your logo or a sponsor's in up to three places: on the name tag insert, the wallet and the attached lanyard. To give imprints a very high profile!

The possiblities of a broad color palette. Since many of our neck wallets offer a lots of color choices, it's easy to find one that coordinates with your events and to use colors to categorize attendees. And how's this for a broad palette: our Triple Play Max neck wallet lets you have the fun of creating your own neck wallet from over 100 color combinations!

Neck Wallet Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide which size is best for my meeting?

Simply put, go for the features and function that you want. Our neck wallets come with standard features like neck adjusters, pen loops and secure pockets. Beyond these, look for the additional features that will mean the most to your attendees. As for prices, remember that neck wallets can cost about the same as an imprinted lanyard combined with a vinyl holder, yet neck wallets have the added value of not requiring assembly.

Which fabric should I choose?

That depends a lot on the type of event and your budget. But here are some other considerations for each of our neck wallet fabrics:

Ripstop Polyester: This slightly textured, very durable, 300-denier fabric is even backed with polyurethane for weather resistance. And that means attendees are more likely to reuse this neck wallet for travel and even other events, which means maximum exposure for a sponsor's logo. See Small Mighty2 Neck Wallet.

Vinyl: Excellent durability and a great price make for a neck wallet that’s built to last, sure to keep your budget in the black: Zippered Nametag Neck Wallet and all of our Triple Play Max neck wallets.

Polypropylene: This lightweight fabric comes in the widest variety of colors: Small Value Neck Wallet and Medium Value Neck Wallet.

Do the neck wallet cords come pre-attached?

Most neck wallets come with pre-attached cords with a few exceptions.

Do your cords come with adjusters?

Yes they do. Because we know how important a great fit is to attendees, no matter how tall or short they may be.

What size insert do your neck wallets use?

Almost all our neck wallets accommodate the industry-standard 4" x 3" insert so you don't have to worry about compatibility. We also offer select neck wallets that hold smaller or larger inserts. Larger size inserts are ideal for additional content like QR codes, bar codes, agendas and maps.

Can attendees attach adhesive award ribbons to neck wallets?

Yes! All the neck wallets we offer here at pc/nametag® are fully compatible with award ribbons. In fact, with our stack-a-ribbon® awards your attendees can add as many honors and fun catch phrases as they want without hindering the functionality of the neck wallets one bit. A word of caution: Many competing vinyl and PVC neck wallets will not hold adhesive due to the release agents used in their molding process. But all pc/nametag® neck wallets are made so ribbons stay on.

I'm pressed for time. Got any fast solutions?

Sure thing. All our in-stock neck wallets can be shipped same day if you don’t need imprinting.

Do you offer passport compatible name tag neck wallets?

In fact, we offer twelve different name tag neck wallet options that are sized to fit standard passports. You can find them here.

Which name tag neck wallets have a loop or a slot for a pen?

You'll find all our pen-holder neck wallet models here.