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About Us

We exist to drive memorable and meaningful connections.

A visual handshake. A wearable introduction. Every direct, fulfilling human connection begins with a “Nice to meet you!” At pc/nametag, we make the name tags that make that happen. Our vision is a more satisfying, connected world, made possible through flawlessly executed meetings and unforgettable events. With decades of expertise and deep industry knowledge, we aim to offer far more than customized name tags and event supplies. We want to be your partner in planning – together imagining and creating events that build authentic, memorable connections.

For 40 years, we’ve been helping planners create extraordinary events, everything from week-long conferences and corporate board meetings to three-day music festivals and community fundraisers. Our customized products not only connect attendees to one another, but also to the sensorial experience surrounding them.

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A simple name tag builds lasting relationships.

Our founder started pc/nametag in 1980, and he understood how a simple name tag sparked conversations. But as a certified meeting planner, he also dealt with endless tasks before the event that left no time to create name tags. Driven to find an easier and faster way to produce them, he partnered with a programmer to develop name badge software for one of the first personal computers, allowing planners to print their own badges.

That development paved the way for innovative on-site registration and exclusive event supplies, as well as a concierge service — possibly our most well-known product — all which have helped thousands of planners execute their events as seamlessly as possible.

While other companies in the industry focus on how quickly they get your order out, we take a more thoughtful approach. At pc/nametag, we believe that staying connected means building lasting relationships, not just single transactions. And, just like the event planner, we’re in the business of bringing people together, one meaningful connection at a time.

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