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Event Registration Packets: Assembly & Delivery | pc/nametag

Create Custom Event Registration Packets

Cut down on queue times and over-crowding with hand assembled event registration packets that can be delivered to your attendees' hotels, offices, and homes. 

Event Registration, Simplified

Short on time? Let us help you create a safe and enjoyable registration experience for your attendees.  

Contactless Registration

Keep attendees safe by minimizing the number of touches during the registration process.

Expedited Check-in

Speed up the check-in process by having pre-packaged kits with all the essential registration materials.

Multi-site Mailings

Whether you want to bulk ship to your attendees' host hotel or ship to individual homes or offices, we have you covered. 

Looking for inspiration?

Discover the different types of mailer options available.

Budget-friendly Registration Packets

Packaging and assembly starting at $3 each*

This is the perfect solution for planners looking for a low-cost option to deliver event credentials. It's also made of eco-friendly materials, which help offset your carbon footprint. 


Available in two sizes. 

Clear and Convenient Registration Packets

Packaging and assembly starting at $5 each*

A simple and convenient solution that allows you to package up multiple items into a clear, sealable bag that can be shipped in bulk to a single location or multiple locations.

Spacious Registration Packets

Packaging and assembly starting at $8 each*

Get a little extra space to accommodate larger event credentials, sponsor gifts and more with these oversized registration envelopes.

*Price does not include shipping

Event Registration Packet Pricing

$2.99 per packet*

Item Procurement, Packaging & Assembly

Pricing includes branded envelope and assembly of up to three items (purchased separately).**

$2.99 per packet


Get a flat shipping rate when you send your registration packets within the continental United States.

*Starting price

**Packaging selection may limit the types of items that can be included.

A Stress-free Registration Process Awaits

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