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Captivate with Shape!

Shape is as influential as color, design, and words when it comes to visual storytelling. The shape you choose can reinforce your brand or become a memorable symbol of your event.

Ready in 3-5 Days

Choose from nine shapes for a standout Badge.

It’s not easy to stand out in a crowd of very creative events these days. If you think your event badge design is just part of the same old expression, consider one of our nine stock shapes. They have the same credit-card thickness as our Premier Event Badge and come with a gloss finish.

Learn more about visual storytelling in our Tag Talk Blog.


The tried-and-true name badge shape, Rectangle remains very popular in many vertical and horizontal sizes. Both Premier and Standard Event Badges comes in rectangle; the Premier is available in every shape we offer.

Guitar Pick

It’s the ideal shape for a music festival or rock concert, although the Guitar Pick could also be turned upside down and work as a water droplet or tear drop. Let your imagination soar!


Consider the black pattern on a soccer ball or even our U.S. government building. Often the Pentagon is used as part of a composition. Chrysler has a famous pentagon logo.


Like the Circle, consider this soft curved shape versus hard-angled ones like the rectangle or square. Ovals represent unity and community with no beginning or end.


The Triangle represents strength and direction. Consider “play, fast forward, and reverse” symbols on audio/video devices. Brands with triangle-shaped logos include Adidas, Delta, and Toblerone.

Snap Pass

This unique credential acts as a VIP badge — just snap off the bottom tab for special access. Or, snap it off for a free drink, to cast a ballot — you name it!


They’ll stop! And take notice of the Octagon. Beyond the standard stop sign, this shape is very unique: think of an open umbrella or octagonal window.


Similar to the oval, the Circle represents unity and naturally lends itself to a community event or fundraiser. And, it’s obviously a favorite for sporting events.


The most common geometric shape, the Square suggests order, reliability, and stability. Some well-known brands that use this shape are Home Depot, Gap, and American Express.

Ready in 3-5 Days

Ready in 3 to 5 Days

Most orders are ready to ship
out 3 to 5 days after you
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Request a Sample

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