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National Badge Ribbon Day

National Badge Ribbon Day is
August 18.

Celebrate with Us!

Meeting planners, attendees, office staff - everybody loves badge ribbons. And since we created the original stackable ribbon, appropriately called, stack-a-ribbon® award, what better way to recognize its significance in the event world than to declare August 18 to be National Badge Ribbon Day?

In 2016, it was officially documented in Chase’s Calendar of Events, The Ultimate Go-to Guide for Special Days, Weeks and Months..

Stacked badge ribbons on a name tag

What Are Badge Ribbons?

They started as a mark of recognition or categorizer: AWARD WINNER, EXHIBITOR and soon blossomed into a social phenomenon at events. Choose from 800 in-stock titles, everything from YADA YADA YADA to BORED MEMBER to AWESOMESAUCE and beyond.

Or, you can offer on-trend Fun Packs -- choose from nine hilarious themes -- and watch your attendees huddle around and pore through them at your booth. You can also custom-design your own titles -- it's easy and addictive. The humor never stops with these ultimate icebreakers!

Some of Our Most Popular Ribbons

Badge Ribbon Idea

The Birth of The Badge Ribbon

Like all great ideas, it was simple.

In 1991 the founder of pc/nametag, a Certified Meeting Planner, realized that the vertical tail-type badge ribbons of the time just didn't cut it.

He saw a guy wearing about 10 of them and thought they looked like a turkey-feather fan. The ribbons overlapped so much you couldn’t read each one. Soon he began to think about other ways to attach a ribbon to a name tag and drew a sketch of a ribbon, turned it on its side so it was horizontal and saw how it fit perfectly under the badge.

A designer executed his idea, adding a strip of tape so several ribbons could be stacked. Then, in 1993, he applied for a patent, and the stack-a-ribbon® award first appeared in the pc/nametag catalog.

Since then, these stackable, packable little messengers have set pc/nametag apart and helped us grow as the leading resource for registration supplies. With such popularity and importance, it’s no wonder the stack-a-ribbon is one of our four essential parts of a highly effective name badge.

Here's how you can celebrate with us

Join the Facebook event

Join the event on Facebook and share with your meeting planner friends and other work colleagues, so they can join in the celebration.

Share your favorite badge ribbons on social media

Share your favorite Badge Ribbons on your social media pages with the hashtag #NationalBadgeRibbonDay so that everyone can follow along and enjoy as well!