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Choose a durable holder that outlasts those one-day wonders.

Because attendees wear name tag holders, they should be sturdy enough to look good through multi-day events—and even multiple events. That's why we make ours with sturdier welded seams and thicker vinyl. In fact, our Preferred Vinyl Holders are a full 30% thicker than the competition.

We offer the largest selection of holders we know of. To please the many types of attendees who wear name tag holders at a wide variety of events. And you can choose from 12 attachments, with the help of our informative guide.

We're always innovating: see pc/nametag® exclusives. Like the Non-Glare Holder that’s ideal for reading QR codes or video recording at an event. The EZ Stuff® Holder has an ingenious design for easy stuffing—up to 20% faster, shaving minutes off prep time. And the Pre-Assembled Combos have a lanyard attached to save you assembling time.

Then there's our ultimate timesaver! Our Namebadges to Go® service not only prints and personalizes your name tag inserts, but also stuffs the inserts into holders and ships them directly to your event!

Name Tag Holder Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between your Preferred & Standard Holders?

First the similarities: both use stronger edge-welded seams for more durability than competing models, and both are sized perfectly for easy inserting. Our Preferred Holders use 30% thicker vinyl than the competition, so they won't curl or crack during multi-day meetings. Our Standard Holders are as thick and sturdy as most companies' premium holders yet are priced like their budget models.

What size insert should I order to pair with my holder?

Just order an insert that's the same size as your holder. We've already built in the room you need for hassle-free assembly. And our selection of inserts is just as vast as the one for our holders.

What type of attachment should I order for my holders?

We're glad you asked that question! Because our Guide to Holder Attachments lays out the specific advantages of each of our 12 types of attachments.

What are the concerns about magnetic attachments?

Magnets may interfere with the performance of pacemakers and items with magnetic information on them such as credit cards and room keys (note: USB flash drives are not affected by magnets). If you use any of these items while you're wearing the magnet, please be cautious. We also suggest you keep a few standard combo clips handy in case you have attendees who can't or won't use magnetic fasteners.

Do you offer holders that come with a lanyard or necklace already attached?

Yes. We have a good selection of Pre-Assembled Combos.

Do you have any tips for organizing my holders after assembly?

For organizing and shipping your name tags, consider our OneWay® Name Tag Cases. Each one holds up to 50 name tags securely through transport and serves as an organized tray at the registration table. With our cases you can organize your name tags at the office, ship them to the meeting site and be ready to register attendees as soon as you lift the lid. Also, among the many benefits of our Namebadges to Go® service is a free OneWay® Name Tag Case.

For even faster organizing, consider adding Alpha Tabs alphabetic divider cards to the OneWay® Name Tag Case

Can I color-code my attendees using their holders?

Yes you can! And it's a great way to classify and organize attendees without going through the expense of custom holders or multi-color insert pricing. We offer options in Color Bar, Translucent and Color/Title Bar models so you can keep track of guests while keeping your budget in check. Check out our Color Coded Holder options.

Why should I choose a custom-printed holder?

For security, a custom badge holder is nearly impossible to replicate–and that keeps unwanted guests out of your meeting. A custom-printed holder can also pump up the sales force, let guests know your sponsor is a premium provider or just give your meeting a one-of-a-kind look. Best of all, we can replicate a photograph, match your company color to perfection or add any titles you may need. Get all the details on our custom holder program by calling 1-888-354-7868 or emailing us at

Do you offer any eco-friendly holders?

Yes we do. You'll find our selection of greener name tag holders here. And at prices that let you go green without putting your budget in the red.